City of Hjo

Hjo is indeed Vättern’s gem. Hjo Camping is a stone’s throw from the city center with its picturesque wooden house and cobbled streets.

Here you will find the most things you can wish for in the summer: You have a wonderful view of the Vättern, you can mix calm and relaxing relaxation with a bit of good luck. You can sit at Vätterstrand and grill, you can eat at some of the town’s cozy restaurants, have a nice coffee and ice cream or just stroll around and just have a nice time.

In the city there are 3 hearts: the harbor, the city park and the square. Based on these places you will find the most. Stadsparken is right next to us. Welcome to enjoy the beautiful nature and the centuries-old villas. In the harbor there is Hjobadet which has free entry for all the whole summer. In the square you will find cozy boutiques, and also the splendid streets and tree houses that Hjo is so famous for.

Photo: Jesper Anhede